Denise Ankel, German Actress.
Christoph Rudolf, singer and teacher of voice and piano in Berlin.
Gizem Gümüs, german‘s second in Mini flyweight boxing.
Susana Tabares Alvarez, victim of ongoing violence in the suburbs of the Colombian metropolis of Medellin.
Aino Laberenz, widow of Christoph Schlingensief and German Costume Designer.
Heba Khamis, Photojournalist from Egypt.
Sami Barid, film musician and piano player from Berlin.
Paul Smith, Singer of the Band Maximo Park, Songwriter and Soloartist.
Yoani Sánchez, blogger and opposition member from Cuba.
The Greek photojournalist Vasilis Karageorgos, who took the historical photographs of the bloody suppression of an uprising in Athens in 1973.

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