Reportage : Builder on Behalf of the Lord Madrid, Spain - 2013

How can it be possible that Justo Gallego Martinez has dedicated every moment of his life for more than 50 years to a monumental construction, without any chance to see the construction completed? How can a human being spend his/her whole life to fulfill such a difficult task without any doubts?
Returning to the topic of Don Justo, Don Justo grew up in the chaos of the Spanish Civil War and his family simultaneously searched for a standing in the Catholic faith. Although he sympathized with the Fascist regimen of Franco, dedicating his life to anything other than god never entered his mind. At the age of 27, he entered a monastery. Just eight years later, before becoming a monk, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. This is why he had to leave the monastery: tuberculosis is infectious and he was, therefore, a danger to other monks. He returned to Mejorada del Campo near Madrid, his birthplace, and recovered within a year. He considered that as a sign of God and began to believe that he has a special purpose. He started to build a colossal cathedral just with four years of formal education as well as books about castles and cathedrals around the world.
Justo defies his age and works on the construction of the cathedral every day, except Sunday, which is the day to attend the fair.
The houses and the streets in the area were built after the start of Justo's construction. Prior to his construction, the neighborhood comprised cornfields.
Justo is still personally involved even in the dangerous work that come about while building his cathedral.
He balances himself on a plank 7 m high. These obstacles do not prevent him from performing his work. Nothing has ever happened to him, he says.
Every evening, Justo reads the Bible.
Reading is difficult for him as he speaks very slowly.
Justo does all the work by himself; even the windows are decorated by hand.
Although he works hard, there are moments of happiness and satisfaction.
The building materials are donated or collected. Here, the old portal of another church has been used.
A local cement dealer has donated two full trucks with discarded goods.
Most of the time he builds on his own; sometimes, volunteers come and help.
Justo cleans the altar where someday a priest or bishop will preach.
He has adopted a life of faith and asceticism. The people in the village admire him as a saint.
On certain days, coaches full of tourists come to marvel at the work and compliment the artist. Sometimes, Justo enjoys the attention; sometimes, he looks lost.
The church is about 55 m long, 25 m wide, and 35 m high. Nobody exactly knows the specific measurements as there is no blueprint.
No one believes that Justo can complete the work. The way the cathedral already stands seems satisfactory for him.

This is the end, my friend ...

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